The Series one shop is based in Australia and supplies parts worldwide. We only sell quality parts for Series Ones. We have a very large stock of second hand, and NOS (new old stock) parts. We have supplied rare parts for Series 1's since 1995 to restorers around the world. We also carry out restorations on Series 1 landrovers to original specifications. Please email us for all questions or comments.

If you have any technical questions, We can answer them for you! We have at least one Land Rover of every model year, many in very original unrestored condition, we have hands on experience with repair and restoration of all models 1948-58.

With plenty of incomplete Series I's in wrecking stock, we do have most parts available, so just ask if you need something that isn't listed. We are confident that we stock the worlds largest range of second hand Series 1 parts.

Please note that we do not allow counter sales, all sales are by mail order only.