Rare bits

Chrome Swivel Housing NOS genuine

Genuine NOS chrome swivel Ball, New in box with greasepaper. Limit 2 per customer. Cheaper Reproduction items also available

types to Suit 80 inch and 86/88/107/109

limit 2 per customer.

air hose clip, used

original, with "tecalamit viblock" stamping. 1 only.

suit 1948-54 models.

Governor Setup Complete

Complete Original Governor setup as fitted to all models 1948-58.

2 Different quadrant handles and control rods available for either 80 inch or later models.

Every nut, bolt, bracket, belt, and special rod is included, even the double row fan pulley, just incase your engine only has the single pulley.

One Kit only! Email for details

Double groove water pump fan pulley new

Fitted to very early engines, and engines with governor fitted.

One only

Governor Drive pulley

Pulley bolted to the front of the governor, suit all models 1948-58.

One only

billabong 2012 414

Brake Fluid Resivouir 1948-53 models. Girling Made in England New

New tin Tank, will prevent endless headaches with your Brake system. Includes new cap and seal. 

billabong 2012 414

Brake Fluid Resivouir- 1954-58 models. Girling Made in England New

New tin Tank, will prevent endless headaches with your Brake system. Includes cap and seal. 

Rear PTO unit

Genuine used rear PTO unit in excellent condition. Includes Propellor shaft.

We have all the associated centre PTO parts available, belt pulleys and rear winches if you need them.


Front Capstan Winch complete with rope guide

Complete Genuine capstan winch, suit Series 1 diesel.

Brackets can be adaped to fit Series 1 petrol models but i do not have petrol motor brackets instock.

Rear Capstan Winch

Rear capstan winch in perfect condition, POA.

Trafficator - SE62 1948-53

Genuine lucas trafficator complete, shopsoiled,, has been opened for inspection only and found to be in perfect condition.

Pictures are of the actual unit.

One only left sorry. No more pairs. Contact me for price.

Distributor - NOS parts for 80 inch models

It is very rare to find an original new old stock early type distributor, even the caps are exceptionally hard to find. Here is a genuine lucas new old Stock Distributor, it is not from a Landrover, but something very similar of the same era. The difference is in the drive dog and bottom housing. If you have your old distributor, the bottom housing is the part that is date stamped, so you can retain that, along with the drive dog, and otherwise build a complete genuine new old stock dissy, with your correct matching numbers!!! One only.

Trafficator - 1954-58

One genuine Series 1 Landrover indicator complete. (1 is shown with case removed)

Lucas trafficator complete, the internals are all NOS, they have been opened for inspection and found to be in perfect condition. The outer cases have been repainted.

Dated 1953, these will suit all models 1954-58.

Pictures are of the actual unit, cover removed from one to show you the interals

only 2 available.

Fully reconditioned cylinder head Series 2

Series 2, not series 2a.


As new.