80 inch 1948-53

Door top Hinge female bracket used

used genuine part with original used nut and fixing bolts

Door top Right 80 inch used

Door top Left 80 inch used


Canvas canopy 80 inch 1950-53 New

Canvas canopy made in Australia using the original Rover patterns for the last 40 years or so, superior quality material, fit and finish.

Suits all 80 INCH models from chassis 8666001

Canvas Door flaps, door handle and vertical set NEW

Door flaps to go with 80 inch 1948-51

Canvas Door flaps, vertical set NEW

Door flaps to go with 80 inch 1952-53

Canvas canopy Hoop Set 1951-53 New

Reproduction of the original hoop set, with 2 main hoops, and 4 side stays.

Bonnet prop rod and hinge 1948-53, NOS

one only, suit 80 inch models

Firewall 1951-53 Genuine

Genuine Rover UK bulkhead that will fit all 80 inch models 1948-53.

Available for immediate delivery by TNT airmail Worldwide.


Bonnet prop clip assembly 1948-53

this is the clip for the bonnet prop, and includes the block and special nuts and washers. Genuine

Wing mirror with arm

Nice reproduction of the original wing mirror,

black plastic back.

Front grille 1952-58 "T shaped grille"

excellent used condition.

Winscreen stay hook

This is the hook that screws and bolts to the firewall on all 80 inch models.

Door top to door bottom seal 1948-58

Door top seal is rivited to the bottom of the Door top on all models, 1948-58.

This is the correct profile for 1954-58, it also fits 80 inch models, but the original seal was a slightly different shape if you are going for perfection. 

Rear body tub 1951-53 NOS

genuine new old stock 80 inch rear body.

one only in the universe surely!

instrument panel - genuine #1 1948-53

Genuine used instrument panel.

Paint - early light green 1 litre tin 1948-50

Genuine Wattyl Killrust, can be applied direct to Steel and Aluminium by brush or spray, single pak epoxy gloss enamel(oil based), coverage should be enough to do a landrover in theory, I always use alot more.... I have larger tins!

This is a standard Wattyl colour i will always keep instock, and has been used on some of the best Australian 1948 model restorations.

seat strap nos


Seat set - 3 front seats 1948-50 new

Front seat set, 3 backrests and 3 bases.

Rubber base locators and backrest bolts included.

1 set per customer

Galvanised Door capping 1948-1953 genuine NOS

Genuine NOS, only a few availiable so limit 2 per customer

Galvanised tailgate top capping 1948-53 NOS

Genuine NOS, only a few available so limit 2 per customer.

Galvanised body side top capping 1948-53 NOS

Only a few available so limit 2 per customer.

Side window felt set

This is enough new rot proof felt to replace the seals on both sliding wndows on the two front doors.

Front RH guard used, 1952-53

used as is, outer section is damaged with dints and a tear. Will fit all 80/86/107 inch models

Can combine and readjust postage if you buy heavy items to go inside, or arrange your own courier.