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We sell parts for REAL LAND ROVERS - that is, Series I Landies!

We live for Series 1's ! We even have a Series 2 with the series 1 engine, but that isn't a real Land Rover....

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Spark plug - Lucas NGK all 1948-58 models

Genuine NOS lucas Spark plugs - with a twist. These Genuine Lucas marked spark plugs were made for the Australian market by NGK Japan! So you get the quality of the best sparkpugs with the Genuine Lucas markings! Limited quantity availible, all new old stock in boxes.

Ignition points 1955-58 NOS

New Old Stock made in England, 

Special crazy price

Piston Kit Standard - 1.6 litre 1948-51

Genuine NOS

Piston assemby x4 with rings and pins genuine NOS

New sleeves can also be supplied to bring any engine back to the original specification.


Brake Master Cylinder 1948-53

New 3 bolt master cylinder, with new piston, seals, pushrod and clevis.

Steering Relay Cone Bush - 1948-58

This is the common wear part. steering relay cone bush, suit all models 1948-58

you need two of these kits to rebuild a relay. (2 sets shown)


Limit 4 per customer

Seat set - 3 front seats 1948-50 new

Front seat set, 3 backrests and 3 bases.

Rubber base locators and backrest bolts included.

1 set per customer

Horn button bracket NOS

genuine original used part suit all 1955-58 models.

you are buying new old stock with metal clip band, also new old stock.

limit 2 per customer

Drive Flange gasket genuine NOS

Genuine NOS. if you buy 10 you will get them in the original packet.

231505 Genuine

Cast iron Series 1 Door Bell

This beautiful Cast Iron door bell has a rustic look, and a beautiful loud ring to it!


Top rocker cover early type used

One only, suit early 80 inches with no breather in the top.

One only.

No cracks.

Transfer gear lever and red knob NOS

Genuine New Old Stock transfer change lever.


Suit all models 1948-58, new red knob also included.

Fuel pump end cover - Genuine NOS

These are genuine NOS, made of bakerlite. Very rare to find 1950's NOS. these fit correctly and have the correct markings unlike new production caps.


Limit 2 per customer

SU Fuel Pump 1948-58 Genuine SU

SU Fuel pump, made in England.

Genuine item, suit all perol models 1948-58.

This is the correct original fuel pump, these are very hard to get new as they are not available anywhere else in the original design. I have a limited quantity of new ones left so limit one per customer thanks.

If you prefer a push fitting for a rubber outlet hose, just let us know and we can supply that fitting at no extra cost.

Indicator / Trafficator switch NOS Trico

Genuine trico NOS indicator switch.

Mounts on the windscreen frame on 80 inch models, can be fitted to a bracket on later models.

limit 1 per customer

Piston Rings Engine Set - 2 litre +40

Piston ring set - made of cast iron, includes all compression rings and all oil control rings for 4 pistons.

These rings can be gapped down to any oversize if required.

Limit 2 per customer

Side window felt set (2 doors)

This is enough new rot proof felt to replace the seals on both sliding wndows on the two front doors.

Vac Advance unit 1955 Rover number 245011

Genuine Lucas vac advance unit, suit some 86/107 inch models. 1954-55

Check this is NOT the 2 bolt type, this one has the internal flat swivel plate, you can see when you remove the distributor cap.

Limit 1 per customer


Brake shoe adjusters, Set of 4, 86 and 88 inch

These are not the segmented junk you can buy on ebay, these original 4 replacement adjusters fit to the backplates and allow for excellent shoe adjustment and better pedal feel. You are buying 4 adjusters.

Starter Button NOS suit 1948-58

This item is genuine NOS, but stock is not 1940's or 50's, looks 70's and 80's by the packaging. Exactly the same as original.

limit 2 per customer

Drive flange genuine used

genuine used some spline wear but vgc.

Brake/Tail Light 1955-57 new repro

These are a faithful reproduction of the original late model tail lights.

Includes base, rubber, and Brake/tail bulb.

Camshaft - Genuine 1948-58

Suits all 1948-58 petrol models.


Limit 1 per customer

Brake/tail lamp - genuine Lucas ST51

This is genuine lucas New Old Stock, it is a replacement lamp for the original D lamps fitted to all Landrovers 1948-55. At around this time in the UK the law changed on the size of the taillamp, these units were supplied to stay legal. The original fitted lamps had a dividing bar across the lens that reduced the light output.

Limit 2 per customer

Rear Muffler 80 inch 1948-53

Reproduction Steel exhaust pipe

Suit all 80 inch models

For more exhausts, CLICK HERE

Output shaft - front swivel 1948-53 used

excellent used condition. Tractor joint type axle, fits left or right. Handy spare for all 1948-53 80 inch models.

Instrument panel lamp NOS

Genuine NOS

Wiper blade hook type NOS

Rubber wiper blade NOS hook type, rubber still supple.

Timing chain - Genuine NOS

New timing chain, suit all models 1948-58

NOS in original packaging.

Junction box cover used no cracks genuine

original Lucas bakerlite type suit 1949-58

Syncro Hub 1948-58 Genuine NOS

Syncroniser Clutch Hub complete, suit all models 1948-58. Genuine NOS.

limit 1 per customer.

(cheaper repro item is readily available if you are not fussy.

Clutch driven plate/ wear disc NOS Genuine

Suit all petrol models from 1950 onward.

Genuine Borg and Beck made in England, entire assembly NOS.

We have been told that the new stock out of england is not as good as it used to be, (assembled in China from UK components?) but these are definately genuine new old stock.

limit 1 per customer.

Suit all petrol models 1949-58

Carburettor 1948-58 - Solex 32 pbi complete new reproduction


Metal fuel line set - New

Complete set of metal pipes from fueltank to carburettor, with fittings. These are the correct metal pipes not copper reproduction items.

Clutch Shear link Pin 1948-58

The original specification had a split pin at either end, this later spec pin has a mushroom head so is a bit easier to fit.

It is always good to keep a spare pin as they can fail without warning.

Crank handle - genuine new old stock

this crank handle fits all series 1 models, unlike some later model one that are abit too short to reach a Series 1 engine!

Gearbox Bellhousing Rubber plug

New rubber plug for all serires 1 landrovers 1948-58. These are required on all models, fitted to the inspection hole on the bellhousing.

Side lamp - 1952-58

This lamp incorporates a new rubber boot, new bulb holder assembly, and genuine used chrome ring and lens. limited stock

Headlamp assembly 1948-1950 genuine

Excellent used headlight assembly, the reflector on each has lost little silver and the bulb/bulbholder may need replacing as it is single filament but the bucket is rustfree, glass is good, and the securing nuts are easy to shift.


Price is for one used Headlamp

These are genuine LUCAS take off items, ONLY 2 available. SOLD

Brake Fluid Resivouir Cap. NOS

New vented cap only, will fit all models 1948-58. 


Fan Belt 1948 - 58

Fan belt suit all petrol models 1948-58. Please remember that this belt is not to tightened like modern fanbelts. It should be looser than a modern belt, just tight enough that the fan does not slip when you gun the engine. Excess tension will just wear out the bearings in the generator. If you have fitted an alternator you may have to tighen the belt because alternators offer alot more resistence.

Water pump seal - genuine new 1948-58

For all models 1948-58.

Door handle lock latch assembly, left 1948-53

internal door handle lock assembly new.

Door handle lock latch assembly, right 1948-53

internal door handle lock assembly new.

Clutch shaft rubber boot

Suit all models 54-58

Exhaust Manifold gasket - engine to manifold

exhaust manifold gaskets for all petrol models 1948-58. 2 per vehicle.

Manifolds and exhausts available CLICK HERE

Pedal Floor rubber

Rubber floor grommets, suit all models 1948-58, 2 per vehicle, one for brake, one for clutch. 2 shown, one front view, one rear view, so if you require 2, please order 2.

Wiring harness complete - 80 inch models (1948-49) lights behind grille

Correct braided cloth loom for the early models, supplied with all wires for main harness, lights, etc. Exactly as original, no provision for indicators, no trafficator wires. Does not include the heavy cables for battery earth and starter motor power.

Propellor shaft - Front 1948-55

Front propellor shaft, there are different types, please give your chassis number/car details in the checkout so we can supply the correct type.

Heater Glow plug - new

Suit Diesel Series 1 - New. 

Price is for 1 glowplug.

4 used per engine.

Wheel hub as new. 48-58 models

Original Wheel hub with 5 studs.

For more hubs click here

Governor Setup Complete

Complete Original Governor setup as fitted to all models 1948-58.

2 Different quadrant handles and control rods available for either 80 inch or later models.

Every nut, bolt, bracket, belt, and special rod is included, even the double row fan pulley, just incase your engine only has the single pulley.

One Kit only! Email for details

Horn button - used 55-58


Wheel nut - new

Wheel nuts, double ended, suit all models 1948-58

Steering Joint rubber boots and springclips x6

Small type rubber boots to fit ball joints 1948-58 models. This is a kit to renew all 6 joints

Rear Wheel Bearing 1948-58

Sealed for life wheelbearing for semi floating rear axle on all series 1 models 1948-58. Considering the time taken to replace this bearing we reccomend fitting a quality one, and we are selling this at half price.


Bottom Radiator hose 48-55

New stock, made to original specifications.

for more radiator hoses click here

Wheel bearing Hub nut Spanner

This is the correct tool for adjusting your wheel bearings, if you try a socket it won't fit, if you use a chisel you don't know how tight you are going!

Horn/Dip Assembly Genuine NOS

New horn dip assembly GENUINE LUCAS.

Horn Button only, centre of Dip Assembly

New horn button only, to replace a broken horn button in your assembly.

Radiator - NOS

suit all petrol models 1948-58

Genuine NOS in Rover box. 1 only.

d 300

Rear Axle shaft Semi floating short - 1948-58 used.

Suits all models 1948-58 Right hand rear.

For more axles, click here.

Crank nut / crank handle dog USED

suit all models 1948-58 in good condition

ignition coil - used

original lucas ignition coil for 80 inch models, used but in good working order.
billabong 2012 414

Brake Fluid Resivouir- 1954-58 models. Girling Made in England New

New tin Tank, will prevent endless headaches with your Brake system. Includes cap and seal. 

ignition coil - used non genuine push in lead

 non resistor ignition coil for all models, push in lead, used but in good working order.

Oil seal - Diff casing - Genuine

this is the seal that sits in the ends of the diff casing, just where the chrome ball bolts on on the front axle. Genuine seals in packets 217400

Suspension Bush Set 1948-50 models

For vehicles with narrow front and rear springs. Includes 12 bushes, to replace all chassis and spring bushes front and rear.

Suspension Bush Set 1950-53 models

For vehicles with narrow rear springs only. Includes 12 bushes, to replace all chassis and spring bushes front and rear.

Suspension Bush Set 1954-58 models

Includes 12 bushes, to replace all chassis and spring bushes front and rear.

Side lamp - 1948-51 new

High quality reproduction of the early type firewall mounted sidelight, the only difference being these lamps use a bullet connector intead of pinching the wire, this is a better setup than the original and looks identical when fitted. Price is for One Only.

Bullet connector - electrial loom 4way

These connectors are included with our loom kits, but if you need extras they are available here. They have 4 female bullets, all connected.

Sleeve - for front axle Genuine NOS

Sleeve secures the front axle and the oil seal runs on it. Aftermarket sleeve also available. 217398

Wing mounded door buffer - small

Wing mounted door buffer, there are 3 types available, but they are all interchangeable, small, small dome, and large.

Wing mounded door buffer - small dome

Wing mounted door buffer, there are 3 types available, but they are all interchangeable, small, small dome, and large.

Wing mounded door buffer

Wing mounted door buffer, there are 3 types available, but they are all interchangeable, small, small dome, and large.

Canvas canopy 80 inch 1950-53 New

Canvas canopy made in Australia using the original Rover patterns for the last 40 years or so, superior quality material, fit and finish.

Suits all 80 INCH models from chassis 8666001

Spring plate left front 54-58

springplate with the correct shock absorber mount (picture is example only, not the actual item). Price is for 1 springplate

Spring plate right front 54-58

springplate with the correct shock absorber mount. (picture is example only, not actual item) Price is for 1 springplate

Aircleaner assembly used 1954-58

one only

Propellor shaft - Front 1956-58

Front propellor shaft, there are different types, please give your chassis number/car details in the checkout so we can supply the correct type.

Battery and Aircleaner cradle used

Used item, sandblasted and painted, in excellent condition.


One only.

Door top to door bottom seal 1948-58

Door top seal is rivited to the bottom of the Door top on all models, 1948-58.

This is the correct profile for 1954-58, it also fits 80 inch models, but the original seal was a slightly different shape if you are going for perfection. 

Speed control quadrant lever used S2

This is a used speed control quadrant lever, this is actually removed from a Series 2 landrover. Can be easily fitted under the instrument panel.

One only in used condition.

Upper Cylinder lubricant

This is a lead subsitute - upper cylinder lubricant, on dose for one tank of fuel, suitable for rebuilt engines during the running in period. The workshop manual reccomends it if your valves or rings have been serviced.

Hub Grease - "One Shot swivel housing sachet"

This is a genuine easy to use grease blend suitable for 1 swivel housing. You can make a similar brew by mixing heavy oil with grease, but it can get a bit messy!!!

Dipswitch - NOS 1955-58

Genuine NOS 232026

1 only.

Distributor - new replacement

This is a reproduction distributor, it fits all models as a direct replacement, it is an affordable replacement that performs very well, it can also be supplied with electronic ignition upgrade.

Brake shoe adjusters, Set of 4, 107 and 109 inch

These 4 adjusters fit to the front axle backplates and allow for excellent shoe adjustment and better pedal feel.

Tempreature / Oil pressure Gauge - Land Rover

Reconditioned original unit, includes new temp bulb, piping, and oil pressure line, complete kit for all models 1948-58

One only

Towing plate - vertical used

bolts onto therear crossmember, allowing the towing pintle to be mounted. Suit all models without a drawbar fitted.

Seals for Gauges, suit all models 1954-58

Glass to gauge, and gauge to instrument panel seals. Set of 4.

rear tub 107 109 used

rear tub in vgc, some minor damage to right rear corner.

Steering box cross shaft, 1948-54 models used


Handbrake lever bellcrank

used in vgc

Capstan Winch Rope 100 foot new

Brake Pipe T piece and bracket, rear diff

1 only

Side window glass, hardtop

used, 2 available

Clamp for soft top hoop, 1954-58 models

new with nut and bolt.